The LORD supports the widow!

“The LORD supports the widow.” (Psalm 146:9)

The Hebrew here for supports is shamar. It infers that He has taken full responsibility and legal guardianship. Quite literally, you are the King’s ward. You are under protection and control of Almighty! He promises to keep, take care, guard, watch over, listen to, take charge of, protect, and rescue you. 

Shamar also means that He waits for you, treasures you, and celebrates you!

Listen to the Scriptures that reveal how passionate and jealous the LORD is concerning you, He says,  “Cursed is he who distorts or perverts the justice due a… widow.” (Deuteronomy 27:19 Amp)

“You shall not harm or oppress any widow or fatherless child.” (Exodus 22:22, Amp)

“He executes justice for the …widow…” (Deuteronomy 10:18)

“… a judge for the widows, is God in His holy habitation.” (Psalm 68:5)

“The LORD will tear down the house of the proud, but He will establish the boundary of the widow.” (Proverbs 15:25)

The King of the universe decrees no more humiliation or disgrace, and, any reproach of your widowhood will be forgotten. (Isaiah 54:4; Luke 18:1-8)

You can count on Him. Take courage and have confidence in this, 

the LORD supports you! 


Copyright 2015, Shari Meisel, Unpublished Work