Israeli Widows Outreach

Riva (banner photo) was imprisoned in a ghetto as a girl and a guard dropped a piece of bread from a tower. When she approached the fence he shot her. The bullet lodged in her hip and is still there. She lives in Israel. 

Widows Cause International will be sending the first team of widows to Israel February 2017. Widows blessing widows. Widows serving widows. Please pray for and donate to the widows of Israel. Below are Alicia, Emma, Luba, Vera, Ida, and Bella. 

WHEN: February 6-19, 2017

WHERE: Israel

WHO: Founder/President, Widows Cause International, Shari Meisel and 3 widows from Denver, CO.

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Praying for Haiti: Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew: Tuesday, October 4, 2016. Category 4. Worst in 50 years. 

In particular, we pray for the widows and orphans of Haiti that they will find refuge and shelter. That they will see and know that GOD is with them in the storm. That He has established the boundary of the widow. (Proverbs 15:25) And, that their Husband will protect them. (Isaiah 54:4-5) Like the widow Ruth, they will find refuge under the wings of ADONAI, the God of Israel! (Ruth 2:12). May it be as a sign and a wonder of His Sovereignty and command over all the earth and His creation! His love, their shelter! Amen. 

Haiti Outreach

WHEN: June 2-9, 2016

WHERE: Bon Repos, Haiti

WHO: Joan B., Denver, CO; widow

Widows from Denver, Colorado connected with 38 widows in Haiti gifting hair ties, wraps and scarves along with prayers and blessings for their sisters.

Us in English and they in Creole, we sang together “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and “Jesus Loves Me”. Joan shared her story and how “we are never alone; God is with us.”