Justice Issues:

What: Financial Exploitation

Who: Susan RB

Where:   Oceanside, California

When: 2013-2014

Age at the time: 78

How: For almost a whole year after my dad passed away from Leukemia, this guy who went by “Juan” kept working the game. He would magically show up when my mom was suffering from mental depression and offer to "help make her garden and grass beautiful." In the end, I had to threaten the gardener with bodily harm more than twice to cease and desist coming to my mom's house.

The house and property itself were extremely small.  Juan was charging $20,000+ to plant shrubs, trim the trees, and fix a very small sprinkler system.  Most professional gardeners would have charged between $2,000 and $3,000 for the same, or less. He actually tried to get more than the $20,000 from my mom at a later time but we called him and threatened to take him to court.

To make matters worse, “Juan” was contracted to mow the lawn once a week from my brother-in-law across the street who was also trying to steal my mom's remaining retirement money.

Submitted by: Murray B, son.