How We Do This

•    Visiting the widow in their distress.
•    Sharing the stories of widows – plight and progress – with community leaders.
•    Providing ministry, encouragement, and resources to widows.
•    Bringing widows together in homes that are centered on prayer.
•    Gathering widows on a monthly basis – building community & support groups.
•    Visiting and encouraging widows in end-of-life care facilities.
•    Assisting with basic life needs of widows.
•    Retreats – gathering for weekends of encouragement, support and renewal.
•    Community outreach – widows reactivating their talents and contributions in their families, churches, organizations, businesses and neighborhoods.
•    Outreach to widows globally, and Israel specifically – widows helping widows.

After my husband’s death in 2013 I was completely numb – no tears, no laughter, no feelings. I was dead. Because of this ministry, I am alive again!

— Janice

I was devastated and didn’t know how to go on, nor wanted to. The love, kindness, and faithfulness of WCI gave me hope again. I want to bless other widows the same way I’ve been blessed. I want to make a difference.

— Mae