Vision Statement

Thank you for visiting Widows Cause International.

Widows Cause International is a unique ministry in which our vision and focus are twofold. Our vision is to bring healing to the broken-hearted, and as broken hearts are healed, a new chorus of widows uniting in prayer.

“These widows will know how to get ahold of My heart. 
They will pray like Hannah (Anna) prayed.
 Their prayers will move nations!”
- February 2011 (1 Sam 1, Luke 2:36-38)

We are a non-profit organization completely dependent on the generous donations of sponsors and benefactors that support the vision and ministry. 

Here’s how the vision is being fulfilled:

“Beth Hannah” – Denver (house of God’s favor). The first house of prayer was established in 2014 with three widows and myself (Shari). It is also headquarters for Widows Cause International, our 501c3 non-profit established in 2015. It includes a local monthly fellowship where we minister individual healing and teaching as part of our “Healing the Broken-Hearted Ministry”. In addition to that, we are writing devotionals especially for widows called, “Widow to Warrior”. These have been very popular and are now reaching across the world. We will also be releasing a CD based on the “Widow to Warrior” devotionals soon. 

It is a very exciting time. We covet your partnership in prayers and financial support. Approaching 2018 we are anticipating God’s blessings flowing to us in even larger measure. In an Isaiah 54:1-5 manner, we believe the Lord is expanding the ministry globally. We pray that you will be a part of that.  

“Widows becoming warriors!”
“Prophetic intercessors, like Hannah praying for Messiah’s coming, preparation of the Bride, and the liberation of Israel” - 2014
“Houses of prayer in America and Israel. Bring widows out of the darkness and releasing them in the Light.”
- February 2011 (healing the broken-heart ministry)
“What I am doing in Israel, I am doing in the widows, and, what I am doing in the widows, I am doing in Israel.”
(Restoration!) - February 2017
Father’s Kingdom come, His will be done here on earth! (Isaiah 1:17, James 1:27) 
"Healing the Broken-hearted", "Widow to Warrior"